Audi 2.7T Allroad Timing Belt Waterpump Replacement RennsportKC

Had a little Audi work the other day. Doing a job for some of old man Kaspar’s friends. This is a really nice 01 Allroad. These are bad ass little (ok, its a station wagon, she isn’t little) car. You can get some big hp out of these cars, and tear up the streets with a serious grocery getter.

mmm v6 twin turbo power.

To change the belt, the car needs to be put into service position. Front bumper removed.

And then the front radiator support is loosened and pivoted forward enough to work.

After a bunch of work, I get into the timing belt.

To use the lockout bar to keep the cams from slipping and banging the valves and pistons together, the engine must be at TDC with the larger holes on the inside so the tool will slip into place.

Like so. Belt comes off, waterpump comes off, and all replaced with new (along with the rollers and tensioner)

And a new belt and waterpump in place. I hate the waterpump gasket….that has to be the hardest part of the job, lol.

The upper radiator hose was leaking, so I replaced that while I had it apart.

Once all that was back together, I tackled a torn axle boot.

Front suspension apart to get the axle out.

And the old axle out of the car. With that out, instead of replace the boot, I just put in a new axle. The axle was cheap enough, that the hour of labor for rebuilding that end of the joint offset the cost of an entire new axle, so that was a no brainer. With that, out the door she goes!

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