Ahhhh lights

Finally got around to wiring in my rear floursecent lights. Before I had lights in the rear that would come on when you hit the surge protector switch with a long pole, lol. I borrowed a fish tape and luckily didn’t have any problems running the wire. I was a little concerned of what I might find when trying to go over the support beam of the garage, but all went well. I decided to go with T8 bulbs in the rear as they are more efficient and slightly brighter. I will probably swap out the T12 ballasts and bulbs on the front 2 lights eventually as those remain the T12 setup I put in a few years ago. I mounted the 2 nearest the garage door close to the wall so I would have light when working in the engine bay of a 911 (when pulled in nose first). Those are blocked out by the garage door when, but that isn’t a big deal.

Cutting a hole and the fish hanging out.

And the fish tape.

Let there be light!

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