944 Sloppy Shifter?

If you have a shifter that feels really sloppy in your 944, it is probably because the shift pin is worn out.  Generally this is an easy fix, pop in a new shift lever and usually it takes care of it.  On occasion though, the actual shift rod will wallow out, which is a little bigger issue.

I have been doing some maintenance to the dragon to get it ready to sell, and one thing I have always had was a wallowed out shift rod.  When i put the new motor in last year, I completely forgot to swap out rod while everything was apart….DOH!

Normally this is the pin that wears out and will resemble an “hour glass.”   This shift lever is probably 4 years old, and still in good shape.

Here is the other issue.  As you can see, one is not like the other.  Since i had a spare shift rod laying around, I will just install that and the slop will be gone.  If you don’t have a spare rod laying around, you can carefully drill out the rod, and epoxy in some brass tubing of the correct size and create a new bushing for the pin to ride in.

Porsche 944Sloppy Shifter

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