944 Hatch Reseal RennsportKC

Had a few minutes the other day, so I pulled apart a hatch that we need to reseal for one of the 944’s. My process has evolved over the years for doing these, and they get easier and easier to do. I still use a professional glass guy to do the actual reseal as the chemicals cost me about the same as what he charges to do the sealing of the glass, so it is a no brainer to not mess with it.

A deadblow, putty knife, and a propane torch and the hatch separates pretty quickly.

Which leaves you with the glass to clean off all the old sealant. Once the sealant is removed, I rough that area with sandpaper to help the new primer adhere to the glass better. Since it will be covered in sealant and trim, none of the sanding shows.

The rear spoiler bolts are notorious for either breaking or having to drill them out. Either way, the bolts drill out fairly easily and you can clean the threads up with a chasing kit, leaving all the holes perfect for a set of new hardware.

Same story for the frame. A sanding disc on a die grinder makes quick work of the old sealant. At this point it is ready to reseal. Next week after the roads clear up, we will get the 944 in and install the frame on the car, then prime the glass and the frame, and then seal everything up.

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