65 Mustang Continued

Last night Wes and I started work on the 65 Mustang that has been sitting for 10 years. We dropped the old gas out of the tank, pulled and replaced the sending unit, flushed the tank, and inspected it for rust. To our surprise, the inside of the tank is in excellent condition and needs no coating, so we buttoned that back together.

Wes went after changing out the plugs and fogging the cylinders with oil.

We found two plugs that had made contact, so that is a little worrisome.

What the plug should look like.

For this car, we are going to replace the carpet, pan insulation, some console pieces, etc, so we decided to get the rear seats out and clean out the mouse hotel behind the seat. I found out that an easy way to make Wes scream like a little girl. Here you can see the foremost wing of the mouse hotel in the bottom of the seat cushion.

Lots of mouse poop and sunflower seeds 🙂

And the rear wing of the mouse hotel. The shop vac got a workout today 🙂

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