the 356 goes home..carburetor tune kits arrive!

Mar 23 2012 wes 356 No Comments

My biggest pet peeve when doing carbs is trying to do them quick, cheap, and fast.  We are doing these right.  First thing is we must have the jets to tune with.  The screws are for tweaks, not major changes.  You need a healthy motor.  Valves must be set. Timing/dwell must be set.

Linkages were a mess here, bent with boogered threads.  Obviously linkage had been binding.  Your leg will be much stronger than these little rods so check for smooth operation.

All of those things were addressed before we started.  Actually doing the carbs is only half the time. 

Completely disconnect linkages

balance all the barrels

set idle at 850-900, we are still a touch high here.

If you are turning adjustment screws more than 1.5 turns you need to make changes to the carbs.  We found lean idle and main jets.  Great for performance, terrible for the valves.  Also, pump bypass was at zero so each time the throttle was depressed a HUGE amount of fuel was thrown down the throats. 

Once all this was addressed the car fires right up and the LM-1 shows a great AFR through the whole range.  I love having that tool to check my work 🙂

carb tunningcarburetor synchronizing

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