2008 VW Jetta 2.0T Fan and Oil Burning

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A good friend brought in her Jetta the other day so we could fix some issues she had been having. Over the last 30k miles or so, the car started using an excessive amount of oil. Many times this is due to a bad crankcase vent valve on the engine. She had taken the car to the local dealer under warranty to express her concerns and they brushed it off as nothing. Just keep adding oil they said. So while the car was here for other things, I threw the $75 CCV on it to see if that will stop the oil consumption, or at least slow it down. Seems like a simple logical effort to get it under control. When you are burning $9/quart mobil 1 oil as often as it was, it gets expensive quick. Guess the dealer didn’t want to mess with it.

2.0T 🙂

After pulling the intake, the CCV is found underneath. A couple of hoses and bolts and it was off.

And the new one in place.

Next up was to diagnose some fan noise and a radio issue the car was having when cold. The radio was throwing a CDC error code in the mornings, but unfortunately the solution to that is a rebuilt radio. When it isn’t cold out, likely it will work fine.

I pulled the blower motor out for the climate control and the bearings appear to be crunchy when cold, so we will replace that as well since it is a known issue and cheap.

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