2006 Cheverolet 1500 Wheel Hub Replacement Rennsport Kansas City

Had a buddy bring in his 1500 Chevy that was making a horrible racket from one of the front wheels. The chevy trucks are pretty notorious for having these wheel bearing hubs go out, and they can be a rusted bugger to change out. The bearing assembly is what fails, and it is all part of the hub unit that gets replaced.

First, we are going to show you how to NOT grease a suspension. One of his helpers did some maintenance on the truck and greased up the suspension. In doing so, he pumped so much grease in that he blew out every dust boot on the front suspension. Many people will keep pumping in grease until they see it blow past the rubber seal, and at this point you have ruined the seal and the joint will fail prematurely. Instead, all it takes is 1 or maybe 2 squirts from a grease gun to effectively grease a joint. You don’t want to see any grease flowing out of anything!

Here we have an over greased tie rod end.

And again.

Lower ball joint. Notice how the ball joint boot looks bloated.

Inner tie rod end

When you can push the ball valve and grease backs out of the fitting, that isn’t good, lol. So….be kind. One squirt….this is NOT a case where if a little is good then a lot is even better.

On to the wheel hub. Brakes removed, getting to the hub.

And the hub off. The retaining bolts can be a real bugger as they will likely be rusted in place. A lot of rust penetrate, heat, and patience needed.

What the bare knuckle looks like.

And the new hub in place. Again, if you own a newer chevy truck and haven’t replaced the hubs yet, you will 🙂

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