2004 BMW 330Ci Service 2

Ok, I’ll promise to stop being lazy and keep the blog updated in my spare time, lol.

Right now one of the current projects is a 2004 BMW 330Ci that I am doing a service 2 on along with some other maintenance.  The owner is moving to Arizona, and wants the car in tip top shape in the hotter climate.

And the pile of parts we have to go on the car.

List of things we are doing:


Coolant Expansion Tank

All cooling hoses

Thermostat and housing

Updated waterpump

Oil Change (BMW 5w-30)

Diff Fluid change (redline)

Transaxle fluid change (redline)

Updated black grills

Fuel Filter

Air Filter

Cabin Filter

Valve cover gasket

Spark Plugs


Lower Control Arm Bushings

Front and Rear Rotors, Pads, and Sensors, and Brake Flush.

Getting to work:

First thing to tackle was the valve cover gasket, spark plugs, and cabin filter.

You do not have to remove the airbox to do the valve cover gasket, but since it does have to come out for the radiator replacement, I went ahead and pulled it.

Shot of the old radiator that will come out.  Fan’s are removed.

Back to the valve cover.  Disconnect the wiring harness and lay aside.

Then you can pull the coil packs, and remove the valve cover.

And going back together with a new gasket and new spark plugs.

Next was time to tackle the cooling system.

Old waterpump.

Old versus new pump.  If you are updating your pump, make sure to update to a pump that uses a metal impeller.  The stock pump is plastic and known to have issues.

Radiator out of the car.

Removed the coolant thermostat housing for replacement.

And all back together again.

Along with the above, I changed the oil and swapped out the grills.  Tonight I will tackle the brakes once the garage floor dries.  No point in sliding around in coolant, so I took some time to scrub and wash the floor, which will make the rest of the job much more enjoyable.

3 Series330CiBMWMaintenance

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