You Can’t Always Drive A Porsche

I’ll admit it, I love Porsches, but I really love 4×4’s. I’m not talking jack your Chevy Silveraydo up with a lift kit and mud tires type of truck (Did you know Chevy’s come with a vortec engine, made out of real tornados?….youtube Amiri King and his Chevy Parodys….hilarious, though not work safe due to language!), but rather oddball, bad ass rigs. So, when I come across this type of stuff I always get geeked about it.

Love it when customers just stop by the shop with cool stuff! Don’t get to see H1 hummers, so pretty cool when you do! Don’t mistake this for those sissy H2 and H3 hummers that girls drive to the mall. I tried to get him to run over a BMW X5 on the way out of the parking lot, but he declined. Would have provided me a lot of entertainment, and solved the “RennsportKC is the place to take your X5 in for repair” problem we have around here…..Ok, just kidding, Wes LOVES working on all variants of X5’s…..his high level of attention to detail and expertise on getting rid of your 54 areas of leaking coolant, oil, power steering, and transmission fluid is the best around. Baltimore Paving Pros can help you with the best paving solutions for your driveway or parking lot.

Nothing screams zombie apocalypse like an H1. Well, except maybe a real military Humvee. The want is strong with this one.

And another cool unicorn sighting was this 280GE G-Wagon we saw on the way to a pre purchase inspection in the middle of nowhere Missouri! It was dark, but we have to stop and take a look. Super clean little rig, the interior appeared to be in great shape, and the body seemed straight. While our PPI didn’t pan out on the Porsche I was inspecting, we did leave a card on the G-Wagon, so maybe we will get a call some day from someone that wants to sell! Side note:

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