Winter Daily Driver Service

The holidays have come and gone, a little time off, and we are back at it. We have been knocking out a lot of daily driver work the last couple of weeks as the weather has turned cold, and people have put away their Porsches for the winter. A lot of projects ongoing though, a couple of engine rebuilds, race car prep, SPEC boxster cage almost done, amongst endless other work. While we aren’t experts on everything non Porsche that comes through the door, we can still usually tackle most projects.

A few odds and ends projects that I actually had the camera handy for.

Another mercedes with a rattling exhaust 🙂 Many of the new MB’s are running dual primary and dual secondary catalytic converters. For some reason, the secondaries are prone to breaking apart and rattling inside the exhaust.

Here is a secondary cat cut open. That cone material should be firmly attached in the housing, but it will start to break down and vibrate around in the exhaust pipe. This can also obstruct flow and can hurt performance and cause a CEL. There are probably a few ways to handle this….we of course installed new secondary cats 😉

Another MB with a fairly common problem. The gear shift on the automatic transmission won’t go into park or drive when the engine is running. Sometimes due to a small bushing at the bottom of the lever, other times due to the shift mechanism sticking internally.

Off comes the center console.

From here we can remove the entire shift unit and replace it with a new unit as the bushing was fine.

And with the winter air setting in, always good to make sure your daily drivers are in tip top shape. Checking air pressures, coolant freeze temperature, filters, washer fluid, etc are all very important. You don’t want to get stuck on the side of the road when it is cold out!

New air filter going in.

And a general cleaning and inspection.

This truck had a leaking transmission cooler line, which is usually a crimped fitting. Over time the rubber will shrink and the clamp will not hold, causing a leak. A cut off wheel to remove the old clamp and an adjustable hose clamp fixes the issue.

And a mini cooper with a bad fuel pump. Should be a quick easy fix 🙂

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January 6, 2014 at 5:52 PM

Where’s the write-up on the Jetta TDI and it’s recent daily driver maintenance? 😉

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