White Ct70 Finished

Sep 18 2014 porschedoc CT70 1 Comment

These have been back burner projects, but over the last month I was able to get the little white 70 finished for Valerie. This is a 72HK1 that I backdated to a 3 speed semi auto (still shift, but no clutch lever to use) to make it easier for Val to ride. The motor is actually the original motor off the orange CT70. Everything came out great! It is really a fun little bike to ride!

Powdercoated frame white, along with black powercoating on all the bars/shields, etc. Everything new on the bike.

2000 miles on the original chassis.

The kickstart slips a bit now and again, so I am going to have to go in and replace or adjust the clutch discs, which isn’t a huge deal. In the meantime it runs just fine.

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Jeff Wagoner

September 22, 2014 at 7:31 PM

Very cool. I remember riding these bikes as a kid. Beware jumping them off ramps you guys – they don’t take kindly to that kind of stuff!

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