What if Porsche Didn’t Exist?

An interesting question that came up at breakfast this Saturday. While the blog and company here are mostly Porsche based, we are still car guys. If Porsche didn’t exist, what kind of car would you drive for fun? And you can’t say “Porsche, there is no substitute, because they don’t exist. 🙂

I have a hodgepodge of cars I really like. Of course, I would never be without a truck or 4×4, I love jeeps, so doing a 5.7L hemi conversion on a JK wrangler would be high on my list.

Or….a badass Dodge Power Wagon build…..

E30 M3’s have always been high on my list, though pricing now has gotten crazy.

And for some reason, I love the R32 Skyline. Not much of a Japanese car guy, but these cars are pretty cool.

And here in the US we should be seeing the Focus RS which would be a fun little car to rip around in. (You can see more pictures at Road and Track)

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