Wes’ CT70 Rebuild

Wes picked up this little bike a few months ago to start his own restomod project. He is going Cafe Racer theme with this one, so it should be pretty cool!

This is probably one of the roughest bikes we have torn down so far. Everything was rusted together quite badly. It all cleaned up nicely in the bead blaster though, and the current state is looking great.

This bike has lived a rough life. I believe this bike’s engine is locked up completely, so it will get the 4 speed manual out of Val’s bike.


I tore the bike down, mostly because I wanted to see if Wes could figure out how it goes back together!

The newer style oil filled shocks. I can’t remember the year, but IIRC it is a 77 or 78.

Getting ready for reassembly!

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