Upcoming WRL Race @ High Plains Raceway

Been busy working on Car 54 to get it ready for the 12 hour WRL (www.racewrl.com ) race out at HPR this weekend. We raced 15 hours at MAM and had a great time with WRL, the car ran great, the position we got was totally self inflicted. Always next time right! We have had a ton of fun with Chumpcar (and will continue to do so likely), and WRL is a step above that without a $500 performance limit. Just pure, clean racing! I can’t say enough how much this is the future of affordable racing. Great leadership and great racers make it the place to be. Get interested, get involved, and get racing! We can answer any questions you might have about how to get started with WRL! We love racing with NASA (we are very involved with NASA as well, and it is a great way to get into the sport here in the central region!) and PCA, but 20 minute sessions or one hour long enduro’s are cute at best 🙂

5th gear has been making some noise for awhile now, so while I had it up in the air, I decided to change that out before it did it on it’s own! Don’t get into 5th very often, so we can drive around it, but would be nice to not be zinging the motor on some of the longer straights. Race car makes doing it easy 🙂

Rear plug off.

And the rear housing cover off, exposing the 5th gears.

Using a gear puller, it starts to come apart.

And removing the shift fork assembly.

And the the 5th gear set.

And the new gears back together. Old gears had some slight chipping off a tooth, thus probably our noise.

And back together.

Then it was time for rear brakes. Our right rear brake caliper was severely hanging up and burnt up a brand new set of pads in 15 hours, so I had to remedy that. I compeltely disassembled and rebuilt both rear calipers while in there, along with new pads and rotors. Everything is sliding like it should now. Guys kept complaining the car wouldn’t accelerate. I told them to stop using the brakes….guess they couldn’t, lol.

And I added a set of fog’s to the front corners so we could see the turn in better at night. We had the setup on the BMW perfect with the same lights, but at MAM we had some vision issues and just were too lazy to pit in and readjust. So I figure just add more right?

And I placed some dynamat throughout the car in various places to try and quiet it down in the cabin a bit so the guys might hear their radios better. Had a roll laying on the shelf from another project, and it doesn’t weigh anything, so figured why not.

Our rear aluminum sheet in the hatch was rattling so bad which also contributed to the noise, so I cut a piece of alumilite to replace that. It will not rattle like the sheet aluminum did, so that will be good.

And our new addition to the WRL series. Old Brumos car 59 that we built years ago. We are really hoping to run two teams next year, so it will be a 944 fest. We have to make it legal as it was only used for DE in the past, so we added more door bars to the rollcage, and will add the fire supression system and electrical kill switch, then it should be ready to race. This will unfortunately be a GP1 car due to the power and weight, but it should have no problems hanging with whomever wants to show up against it 😉 208hp and 2200lbs 🙂 It will of course sport a slightly different theme in December at it’s first race.

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