The Red Dragon gets a new motor

While the last club race and DE was a fun event, i lost a motor at the same time.  Sometime came loose in the #1 cylinder, but I won’t exactly know what until I tear the engine down.  Luckily, I have a spare sitting on a stand nearly ready to go, so today I got around to dropping the old engine out and prepping the new one for install.

Sans lift, you must get the front of the car elevated quite high.  The motor comes out easiest out the bottom, so the car must be high enough to slide the motor out from underneath.  Pulling the intake and accessories helps give you a little extra room.  This is done by blocking the rear wheels, and using large jackstands, I use 6 ton jack stands.  Getting the car up high does not mean use 2×4’s, cinder blocks, concrete blocks etc, all of which WILL fail and cause serious injury or death.

When going out the bottom, drop the motor onto a piece of cardboard so you can easily slide the motor out without gouging up your floor.

Ouch, #1 cylinder took a beating.

What’s next?  Well, why put in a new motor if you aren’t going to upgrade!  Stay tuned…..

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