The Little Bastard Continued

Well, trying to track down a replacement metal nub for the crossmember torsion bolt adjuster became a futile effort.  No one seems to have had this problem, which I find hard to believe.  The solution will be to replace the front crossmember with a good used one…..but not during prime targa driving weather 😉  So my quick solution was to weld up the broken section and grind it back down.  It won't be a permanent solution as I don't feel the weld will hold indefinitely, but it will be enough to get us to some colder weather when the car can be down for a day or two.  We are tracking down a used cross member as we speak, and at the same time will replace a torn CV boot in the rear.


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Mark Harris

September 29, 2011 at 9:02 PM

So far so good! Couple R/T’s to KCI and I’ve been backin’ off on left turns.

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