A New 356A Project

Nov 26 2011 porschedoc 356 No Comments

We went down a couple doors today and picked up a new 356 project that needs finishing. This is a really neat old car, and can’t wait to see it on the road. We need to put in the front windshield and button up a few other things and see what we have. Doesn’t quite look stock does it 😉 Fuel cell in the front. I love this interior! And a little surprise. A 914 motor/tranny round out this power …

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Few things piled up this morning 😉 While coolant was draining, I hopped over to the 996TT that was throwing misfire codes at the track last weekend. I haven’t seen this car in awhile, I installed the 650hp IIRC kit on it at Imagine Auto. My paint marks were still on the coil packs 😉 Since all the lifts were tied up, out come the jack stands. Rear bumper off to access the intercoolers. And intercoolers out of the way …

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74 914 Fuel System

Oct 07 2011 porschedoc 914 3 Comments

Behind on posting already! We finally got our internet running at the shop (more on that later), so hopefully that will leave me more time to update the blog as it will be more convenient during the day. Wes and I picked up this 74 914 from a local hanger to do some troubleshooting. Another shop had gone through the fuel system after the car kept dying, but didn’t solve the issue. We picked up the car and hauled it …

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