Spec Miata Build

Whats worse than 1 Miata? 2 Miatas!

Ok now stick with me:
Miata 1 (SPEC Miata to be): Drop motor/tranny, remove suspension.
Miata 2 (SPEC Miata built car with a ill designed roll cage destined for chump car?): Drop motor/tranny, remove suspension.
Miata 1: Put Miata 2’s suspension on Miata 1
Miata 2: Put Miata 1’s suspension on Miata 2
Miata 1: Install Miata 2’s rebuilt motor into Miata 1…except we don’t think the motor was rebuilt like it was said to have been…..so rebuild that motor and install in Miata 1.
Miata 2: Sell as chump car race roller (cage, etc already installed in that chassis)
Take Miata 1’s motor and tranny and set aside as spares.

I think i’ve gone crosseyed:

Miata 1 motor, tranny and suspension out of the car.

Subframe and front suspension lowered out of Miata 1 ready to swap to Miata 2.

Miata 1’s motor/tranny

Lots of empty room.

Removing Miata 2’s engine/tranny and suspension.

Miata 2’s engine/tranny/suspension out of the car.

NASARennsportKCSPEC Miata

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