Spec Boxster Wrap UP

Well, it has been a long fun project, but kind of running out of things to do. I am sure we will continue to make weight reduction changes as we go, but for now, I have run out of things to do 🙁

Finished installing the kill switch, routing the cable through the cowl which allows everything to sit under the drainage covers nicely. Again, maybe all this stuff will go in the future, but we will wait on that for now. Right now the car looks so good with the remaining trim in place.

Fire system getting installed. I mounted the fire bottle close to the seat mount so that it would not be in the way of a passenger’s feet for and DE’s etc that might get done with a student/instructor.

Nozzle in the front battery area, engine compartment, as well as pointed to the driver. Then I installed the traqmate for data acquisition.

And there she is! Can’t wait to see it on track with the other Spec Boxsters!

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