SPEC Boxster Build Version 2

Over the last couple of weeks I have been scouring the countryside for a decent 99 boxster to build into another customer SPEC Boxster Race Car. After numerous trips and failed PPI’s, we finally found a 45k mile car in Omaha a few weeks ago and retrieved it.

I drove it back from Omaha, pulled in the front door and starting tearing it apart. No time to waste!

Tan interior is in great shape and for sale 🙂

I pulled the front bumper to remove the A/C condensors/fans/shrouds/etc and get things cleaned up. 3rd radiator was also installed. The motto for this build is to make it better, faster, and lighter than the last build, and that was a hell of a car, so this thing should be amazing.

The parts started flying everywhere!

Rear bumper cut out for the exhaust.

And the old bulky exhaust gone. While in there, time for lightweight flywheel, upgraded IMS bearing, and clutch.

mmmmmmm less rotating mass….drrroooool

Since I had a blown up transaxle, I took it apart to find the best location for a tranny temp sensor install without clearance issues inside.

And i found the 1/8″ NPT sensor fits nicely next to the drain plug on the passenger side without issue.

PSS9 suspension, tarrett drop links, swift springs installed along with wheel lug conversion. Rear parking brake gone.

And the interior coming apart. Shifter installed on risers.

Lots of cleaning up here to do.

A Boxster wiring harness getting the lightening treatment. All un-needed wiring is gone.

And the door panels cut out. Goodbye extra weight!

And I redesigned the clamshell mounts after removing the top, motors, and transmissions.

Radiators cup car style.

Center radiator installed.

A close of up where to install the oil temp sensor gauge.

And the transmission temp sensor installed.

Rennline pedals installed, this time we used their gas pedal system which eliminates the cheap plastic pedal that is known for breaking on the stock cars.

And an under drive pulley ready for install. This will help save our power steering pump from overheating.

Getting ready to install it after making some modifications to the block. Lighter, faster, more bad ass. Stay tuned!

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June 25, 2014 at 7:19 AM

Love following these builds (and stealing ideas for my next adventure).


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