Spec Boxster Build Part 7

Ok, maybe one more before they tell me to stop 🙂 Got the call today and picked up the Spec Boxster from the cage builder. Pretty stoked on how it turned out. Now to paint the cage and start knocking off a few final finishing items.

With the cage in place, I had to do some notching to make the dash fit again which wasn’t a big deal. While the dash was back out (removed for cage install), I took the passenger airbag cover and securely attached it with some aluminum strap. I didn’t want to epoxy it to the dash, so this was an easy solution.

And while out, makes removing the steering lock really easy as required by the rules. This will keep the steering wheel from locking with the key off or removed.

One 10mm bolt to remove, then insert the key and turn to on, and push the button that sits in the small round hole near the bolt. This will allow the assembly to pull out of the column.

Shows the button that is depressed to remove.

After removing the key, the lock extends and can be cut off.

And back in the car it goes 🙂

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