SPEC Boxster Build Part 5

Finally got a couple big boxes of fun in the mail today 🙂

Mmmmm suspension parts 🙂 Swift 450/500 rate springs for our PSS9’s, bigger sway bars, custom drop links, adjustable GT3 control arms, and exhaust. Hard to believe so much money in such a small amount of parts, but they are going to be what really transforms the handling of the car 🙂

So apart it comes. Since I had not done the front driver wheel bearing, this was an easy time to tackle that, so I pulled the entire carrier off.

New bearing installed and parts cleaned.

And going back together.

And I tried to put off doing the rear as long as possible since it is a bit more of a PITA than the fronts, so I got the new exhaust installed. Very impressed with Patrick Motorsports fitment and muffler selection. Sounds great around the shop, so it will be interesting to see how it sounds at Hallett in two weeks. Hopefully not annoyingly loud like the other exhausts. PM did a lot of testing on exhausts, and found the straight through stuff lost some power, so they used two magnaflows instead and achieved better results on the dyno.

And then I tackled the rear. Adjustable toe links rounded off the rear suspension.

Mmmmm much better.

Now I will have to come up with a screen to fill in the hole, but that shouldn’t be terribly difficult. Using a mesh screen will allow better cooling out the rear of the car, rather than just having two holes for the exhaust pipes.

And a bit lower. I will corner balance the car before taking to alignment and get the ride height more to my liking, but not a bad starting point.

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September 19, 2013 at 8:32 PM

Love the approach you have taken. Going to be a sweet ride!

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