Spec Boxster Build Part 4

Making a little more progress on odds and ends things while I wait for the suspension and exhaust to show up.

A lot of these parts were available to purchase through various sources in the past, but for some reason many companies are no longer making SPEC boxster parts, so I had to make a few things myself. No big deal and fun to build, but with our labor rate, in the end it is usually cheaper to buy small things like this and just bolt them on. A good weekend tinkering project.

Fixed spoiler rods built. First thing to do was to remove the rear spoiler and spoiler mechanism.

Since the rod is already there, might as well use what we have.

A cleaner look without the spoiler mechanism.

Existing plates I will use for the bottom mount.

I broke out the plasma cutter and used the plates above as templates for a base, and cut out some baseplates. Then I disassembled the spoiler assembly, cut the rods to length and welded them to the plates.

And just like that we have a fixed spoiler.

Then I yanked the rear bumper off (having previously ditched the exhaust), to build a tow hook. Since the exhaust will exit out the bumper, the rear bumper guard goes.

And after cutting, notching, and welding the bumper shock for reinforcement, I have a tow hook assembly.

Since we are going to sell the complete interior, I picked up a cheap vinyl dash and got that installed.

And the larger pipes for the 986s/996 showed up to complete the 3rd radiator install. A few custom hoses and I had the cooling system back together.

Stay tuned!

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