Some LSx Pictures

I’m not really sure where I left off here. I have been plugging away here and there as time allows and am slowly seeing a car emerge. The car is running like a raped ape, and a quick test drive down the street tells me I have ZERO traction when you lay into it. Have a couple of solutions for that on the way. I have been struggling with a solution for the front windshield. Apparently no professional glass guys can figure out how to install a glass in a 944, even with the factory manuals. Not sure why I spaced it out, but next week I’ll haul it and a new factory glass over to Pirello Bros Collision for glass install as they are very familiar with the body side of 944’s. Because it will see the street, I chose to avoid lexan due to pitting issues.

A block off plate for the old blower motor assembly.

Exhaust is finished and LOUD 🙂

Air intake is finally figured out. I have to custom build my hood pin assembly around the intake pipe, but I think I have that figured out. I really wanted to duct it into the header panel, but the taller radiator is not going to allow that. Oh well.

Hood pins. Using a poly striker plate which sits a little higher and should keep the hood pin from scratching the heck out of the paint.

Only held in by one bolt, but once I get more hardware, it conforms to the hood nicely due to the soft material.

When I first got the car moving, I wasn’t happy with how low the clutch pedal engaged, so I pulled the transmission quick and removed the slave cylinder so I could add a shim. It definitely improved the pedal, but have a feeling that I will have to eventually go to a clutch master that will push more fluid. The NEW OEM cylinder is ok, but we will see how I like it on track.

SPEC clutches come with a shim for the LS1 application to put behind the slave cylinder, but my initial measurements indicated I did not need it. Guess I either measured incorrectly, or something else in the custom setup has changed things.

Welding up a new hood pin mount for the passenger side. The idea is a U channel that the intake can pass through. With it mocked up, I’ll take it to the shop where I can notch it with the plasma cutter to make sure everything clears.

Which will look something like this, although the top and bottom arms will be cut in half to allow more room for the intake to pass through. I take the 220v welder for granted at the shop, while I love my Miller 110v autoset, it sure doesn’t have the amperage to weld like the big boy. A sneak preview of my bump steer kit as well 🙂 Went back and forth on a few options, but this is how I will roll.

Which will replace the outer tie rod ends to bring the tie rods parallel with the road surface.

Wiring is almost 100%, I just have one power wire to connect and the check engine light to mount.

And of course, being a dealer, I can’t run without at least part of a Fabspeed Exhaust 😉

Starting to look like a car.

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John Byrne

February 22, 2013 at 10:01 AM

Hey Karl, I got Safelite to install a windshield in the 951 no problem. When I was booking it they even knew to ask about the antenna.


    February 22, 2013 at 1:25 PM

    Already tried them and they couldn’t make their glass fit!

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