Some 951 maintenance

Red 951’s are multiplying 🙂 It seems that when you do projects, you end up doing them in….well 3’s. Another axle boot let go, spewing old grease everywhere on this 951. Must be axle boot month. Again, there must have gotten a little condensation in the joint as the grease was extremely runny.

First thing to do was to locate a battery drain, which we tracked down to the alarm module. We pulled all that out since it wasn’t being utilized anyway, so hopefully that will solve the starting issues.

There was quite a pile of wiring under the dash.

Which went straight into the garbage.

Then we needed to track down a bad taillight issue. Turns out the entire right side parking/tail lighting was out due to a fuse that kept blowing. I found a pinched wire to the rear sidemarker light in the taillight assembly and thought I had it solved. Pulled everything apart, but the wiring was intact.

After a lot of fuses and a bunch of trial and error, I found the short in the front passenger sidemarker light. Repaired the short and we were back in business.

While I had the car up in the air, I noticed the passenger inner sway bar bushing was falling apart and not where it was suppose to be! This is a pretty typical bushing to blow out due to oil contaminants. Sloppy oil changes, leaking power steering lines, etc all contribute to it’s demise. It will typically rear it’s head as a front end clunk under hard cornering.

I dropped that side down, pulled off the old bushing and slide a new bushing on.

Then it was time to tackle the axle boot. Notice the grease drain out of the joint with the boot tear on the bottom!

Out of the car and ready for a rebuild. New boots, a completely cleaning and repacking was in store.

944 Turbo951axle bootPorschesway bar bushingtaillight short

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