RSA is almost ready for the Track

We got the RSA back from paint a few weeks ago and it has been on the back burner since. The three disc puck clutch let go at the last race so I needed to get that fixed, and get the car aligned.

Oh wait that was the wrong side. This is the fresh paint side. Came out really well, now we just need to make some new decals for this side of the car!

It makes me giggle every time I start this car.

Tiny and really lightweight clutch. The downside of this clutch is that if you slip it, she doesn’t last long, which makes moving around in the paddock not easy if you don’t know the car well. Also, if you get smacked in turn one by a pesky BMW 🙂 and disabled on the racing surface where cars are coming into turn one from 150mph and you try to get a broken car out of the way, that takes care of a puck clutch in a hurry too from what I see.

So to help make things smoother for Mike, I am going back to a RS lightweight clutch setup, which will be between the factory dual mass and the small 5″ setup that was in there. Once he gets really comfortable with the car we may go back to a lighter setup.

And getting ready to slap the transmission back in place. Should be up and running by the end of the week when our new hydraulic line gets in (old one was modified for the internal slave the lightweight setup used.

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