Rothsport Quick Release Hub Install

Slapped in a new steering wheel assembly in the Yokohama car this week. The new Momo steering wheel coupled to a Rothsport quick release hub for ease of entry and exit from the caged car. A well designed caged race car will be designed to protect the driver in the event of an accident, but by doing so, may inhibit quick (or easy) exit from the car if need be. Being able to pull the steering wheel off in a split second, will allow your lower body and legs to get out of the car much easier. The nice thing about this hub is that it is a one way quick connect, so you literally line it up, and push the wheel on and go. You can’t get it off center or anything (resulting in a crooked steering wheel) and won’t fight a coupler to put the wheel on. Shove it on and you are done. To release it, a quick pull on the coupler lever and it is off. Well designed.

The old fixed steering wheel.

Removing the old momo hub.

And the new steering wheel with part of the quick release attached to it (for visual only). The black piece on the end will attach to the steering column permanently.

The new base section of the Rothsport hub installed on the steering column. Notice the center guide is half moon shaped and tapered, allowing the wheel to only go on one way and quickly without messing with the coupler release.

To remove once it is installed, you just pull back on the red coupler.

And the new quick release steering wheel installed.

MomoQuick Release HubRothsportSteering Wheel

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