Road Trip!

Thursday morning we headed north to Watertown, SD to pick up a race car for a friend. A 1990 964 C4, multiple podium PCA class winner 🙂 Thursday night we got into town, gave the car a quick run down, and loaded her on the trailer.

Before leaving town though, we were treated to supper on the lake. And when you are in South Dakota….you eat Walleye 😉 Mmmmm

On the way back to KC, it would be foolish to not stop and race the car at MAM in Iowa right? Filling with some 100 octane…..

On Friday we only got 2 short sessions each in with the rainy weather. If you have been watching the news, along the Missouri river, there is intense flooding all the way from Montana south. The trip takes us along a good portion of the Missouri, and the water damage and relief efforts are amazing. They expect the river to crest mid week, and MAM may be under 4-10 feet of water. As we were sitting in the paddock, Mac said “we are like the orchestra playing on the deck of the Titanic.” Couldn’t be more true. We watched crews across the road building a wall of dirt to try and keep the incoming water out. In the background, you can sort of make out a wall of dirt. It doesn’t look that big in the picture, but when you watch the bulldozers drive straight up it and they look tiny against it, you know there is a heck of a tall pile of dirt.

We also met a couple of friends from SD who came south to run the event as well. Good times!

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