Road America 2010

Just got back from our annual trek to Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI.  Finest racetrack in America 🙂  If you have never been, you don’t know what you are missing!  We had a total of 13 cars come from Kansas City and South Dakota to the Nordstern Region event.  Not too shabby.  We made our annual stops at Fiesta Cancun on the way up, The Paddock in Elkhart Lake, and Stefano’s in Sheboygan.  Next year we will shoot for more than 15 cars……hint hint.  Mark your calenders slackers.   I even made sure to come back with cheese curds……

640 miles door to door, a quick 9 hour trip.  We left Sunday morning, ran Monday and Tuesday, and loaded up and took off for home.  Were home around midnight.

The Navigator……

And you can’t forget to bring the shop supervisor.

I’m not sure what the truck was…..but I did field test the V1 vs. the Escort 9500i radar detectors for 1300 miles…..more to follow


Group Photo

Heading out of Kettle Bottoms and into Canada Corner

Dave in his 997

Fixing an intake leak

The pumpkin

The Pumpkin with some monster 320’s Hoosier full racing slicks.

Chasing the Dragon’s evil arch nemesis through Canada Corner.

Shop supervisor watching the action.

After two days of action, it is really hard to keep your eyes open.  She slept the entire ride home……and then the next day…….

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