Road America 2009

Well, last week we headed to RA up in Wisconsin for the Nord Stern Region’s annual advanced DE.  As always, we had an absolute blast.  Bob, Val, Tia the shop supervisor, and I headed up from Kansas City, and met up with some good freinds from South Dakota.  I think everyone had a great time.

With great displeasure, much of our crew was absent from our adventures this year, but we still managed to get by 🙂  We managed to enjoy hanger steaks at the Paddock Club, RPG’s and Bacon Egger Sandwiches as the track, Stefano’s Italian in Sheboygan, and of course a lot of nice machinery.

A slide show of pictures that Val put together of our adventure 🙂  I have some in car video, but I need to find time to edit it down to fit on youtube.

Road America 2009

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