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This little 997S came into the shop a few weeks back to rejuvenate some life back into it and the owner’s love for the car! After years of owning the same car, everyone hits that wall where they are tired of the same car with the same performance. Many will trade off and buy a newer model, dropping a lot of money in the process. Some will add a little pep to the car to make it seem like a different car, while saving a lot of money!

To put a little pep back in this car, we chose a very in-evasive solution of Fabspeed Maxflo mufflers, Fabspeed Maxflo intake system, and an Evolution Motorsports ECU tune. This gives a nice sound to the exhaust, you can hear the engine sucking air under full throttle, and the tune not only wraps the package up with more hp, but also better drive ability.

Old air box is outta here!

As are the disgusting old mufflers

That will suck some air into the engine!

And this will allow it to exit more efficiently.

And the ECU tune wraps up the package. A nice upgrade without breaking the bank!

Since we are on the topic of Fabspeed, this 6 GT3 had the cats start to come apart internally as happens quite often with the low quality cat material that is used these days, and being it was a track car, we chose to get rid of them all together. Since I had the 997 upgrade stuff coming, I had them send me a cat bypass pipe for this car as well.

Little less weight off the rear, more hp, and a better sound!

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