RennsportKC Certified IMS Solution Installer

After numerous installs, classes, and a bunch of paperwork, I was chosen by Jake Raby of Flat 6 Innovations to be one of 10 certified IMS Solution installers in the United States. We have been installing the solution for a little over a year now, and have had great results with in in preventing catastrophic IMS failures.

We feel that the IMS solution is the end all solution to preventing IMS failures. Instead of using a non lubricated ball bearing, the solution uses an oil feed plain bearing, which has no moving parts to fail. You can think of it like a rod bearing or a main bearing inside an engine, operating on the same principle.

Currently the solution is only available for engines using the single row bearing design (which has the higher failure rate), typically found in 01-05 M96 engines.

For more information, go to:

For those interested in having the solution installed in their engine, contact Karl

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