Quiet Week:

It’s been a quiet week around here going into the holiday weekend. It is definitely July in Kansas and the heat and humidity is unbearable, lol. I definitely do better in the winter than in the summer.

Last Sunday we took Aristocrat Motors up on a breakfast offer and attended the Art of the Car show here in Kansas City. This is quite a spectacle of old iron, placed in a beautiful setting. We drank Momosas on the patio over looking the show, then headed down to check everything out.

Looking over the parking area from the patio.

Cool gullwing 🙂

This was a beautiful Cobra.

The guy said he is still racing this car today!

My favorite by far was the Unimog. Unfortunately, I must have been drooling over what an awesome hunting rig that would be, and I forgot to take pictures. DOH!

Our 944T project has just been sitting. I am waiting to get the cylinder head back from the machine shop (new valve seals and exhaust guides), which I should have back today (keep fingers crossed). I did get the injectors back from being rebuilt though, so those are ready to go:

And yesterday I battled the heat to get some “Cool” accessories installed in the 964 race project.

I removed the center vent in the dash and installed the control panel for the cool shirt. This allows the driver to either run the unit at full volume, or adjust the flow.

Oh, it’s like a little baby. Actually I mounted the cooler in the rear seat area, though honestly, I think my front seat idea is more secure. I have seen a few people run the coolers secured in the seats, so I need to contact PCA to find if this is acceptable. In a 964, the passenger floor board contains a lot of wiring, so I didn’t want to mount it on the floor for fear of leaking into the wiring. Mounted in the front seat, if it did sweat or leak, the seat would soak up the water…no big deal. In there rear mount, access is extremely limited for filling and it sits at a slight angle. Not the end of the world, but IMHO, not ideal either.

Then it was off to install the fuel jugs in the trailer. A quick solution and we are in business.

911944Art of the CarCool ShirtPorsche

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Mike Brosseit

July 1, 2011 at 2:53 PM

I was going to go to that Porsche deal too but thought it might be a little too highbrow. My son and I went to Denny’s! Then we headed down to the show

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