PTE Miata Prep

Hoping to get another racer into the mix here, so we are getting his new to him miata prepped for some track time! It was a really solidly built car, but just needed a few things to finish it off. A miata, while not overly quick in a straight line, is a really fun quick entry level track car with a very low consumables cost. A great way to get started!

First thing to do was to rip some unneeded weight out of the car 😉

Finished cutting out the door panels and getting rid of door glass. Custom made door pulls.

Pulled the center console out of the way, and replaced the torn rubber shift boot to seal up the tunnel. We also moved the seat to a much lower position for better headroom. I have a Miata Cage quick release for the steering wheel on the way, so that will finish the car off and be ready for the track!

The car had a drill bit shoved into the wiring harness connector at the ECU to keep power to one of the coil packs, lol. That had to go. We tried a different ECU thinking a pin was broken, but turned out we just had a bad connector, so I found a replacement that I spliced in and got her running like a champ!

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Aaron Winter

September 5, 2014 at 7:49 AM

Looks good!! I’m excited to get it moving on the 19th.
Thanks, guys.

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