Project Porsche GT3: Coolant Fitting Pinning RennsportKC

Before we send this GT3 off to it’s new owner in NJ, we decided to get some work done on it so it is ready for the track once the transport drops it off. Many HPDE organizations are now requiring the coolant fittings on the GT1 based engines to all be pinned in order to track the car. The are hundreds of documented cases of these glued fittings coming loose and spraying coolant all over the track. It is not a cheap preventative fix, but in my opinion should be done before going anywhere near a race track. Having almost wadded up my M3 and 951 on track on two separate occasions because of coolant pipe failures with other cars on track, I fully agree with the organizations that are requiring this.

First thing first, drop out the motor. You can get about 5-6 of these fittings with the motor in the car with enough work, but two are near impossible to do with the motor in, as the intake needs to come off, and the fittings are deep underneath that.

And while the motor is out, it would be foolish not do do the waterpump, so off comes the front carrier, and alternator so we can get to the fittings.

And then the intake comes off.

Approximate marks where we will install the pins. This will keep the fittings from separating from their respective housings.

Careful drilling, taping is done with a heavily greased bit. This will prevent any shavings from falling into the pipes as they will be stuck to the grease. Go slow, and the shavings don’t fall apart. Loctite and a bolt just long enough to hold the fittings in place.

And then since we are in there, might as well replace all the coolant hoses on top of the motor as well. They are a tight fit, but all come off without much trouble.

With 30k miles on the clock, the stock LSD is likely shot. Any GT3 with more than about 5k miles on the diff is likely shot. Stupid OEM design. I will be sending the diff out to Matt at Guard transmission for his 40/60 lockup.

Boxed up and ready to go! Stay tuned, we have a few other things planned for this puppy, including a lightweight flywheel conversion and RS pulley, WEVO engine mounts, and maybe a few other surprises?

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March 28, 2013 at 6:54 PM

Hi Karl. Nice write up and pics! What other surprises, lol!?! Inquiring minds want to know 😉 Love to revalve and respring those shocks ….. Best,

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