Porsche Spec Boxster Build

I’ve been waiting for a fun project for awhile now, so here it is. We sourced a very cheap 45k mile Boxster locally with a factory hardtop on it recently. The car is in need of maintenance, but nothing we wouldn’t be replacing in the process of building a race car anyway.

The project will be a drawn out build, starting with a modest track car and using the car while slowly finishing the build to full Spec Boxster Class. Since we are heading to Hallett soon, we just want to get the car sorted with new wheel bearings, brakes, waterpump/cooling system, tires, etc, as well as getting some simple weight out of the car. Also, everything we pull off the car will be for sale if you are looking for good low mileage parts.

Starting with the best color made this even better.

The car has a really nice interior. The guys say it is too nice to make a race car out of it. I laugh at their foolishness….

First thing to do was to remove the factory convertible top as that is unneeded.

Then all the carpet and sound deadening comes out.

Since the owner is pretty tall, I will be doing custom low mounts for the seats which won’t be here in time for Hallett, so the stock seats go back in for a day at the track.

Trunk a little cleaner.

And I gutted all the black interior trim/headliner off the hard top. Anyone looking for a boxster black headliner/trim hardtop kit, it is for sale 🙂

And with that, it was time to shut it down for the day. I should have parts tomorrow on Monday to do the brakes, cooling system, etc. I also mounted up a set of BFG R1’s for Hallett. For now, the A/C and radio will stay put even though i want to tear that stuff out, but it may be driven to an event or two before we go full race mode with it, so a few creature comforts are nice.

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August 18, 2013 at 11:43 PM

Nice project!
…and welcome back from vacation.

Steve Tirner

August 23, 2013 at 2:06 PM

glad you snagged that car. My wife was bummed…She really loved that interior and hard top. If you hold on to that interrior and top,who knows maybe you can make me a REALLY good deal. Steve

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