Porsche GT3 Waterpump Replacement RennsportKC

Had this GT3 come in a few weeks ago for a water leak. It was a real bugger to find, my initial findings were that the lower hose off the pump was leaking around the hose clamp. Replaced it and it seemed to stop. Unfortunately it didn’t last, and the leak started again. The issue was that we are running straight water and water wetter in this car for track purposes, so there is no tint to the water or residue left by a coolant trail. The 997 in the previous post had a nice trace of dried coolant back to the source of the leak, but this did not. Eventually I was able to spot a tiny stream coming down from the waterpump bearing, so out it comes!

Again, the engine carrier needs to come out of the way. With the fabspeed exhaust, I was actually able to loosen everything and drop the carrier out without fully removing the exhaust.

And the old pump out of the car.

Tight fit, but everything comes out.

And the new pump installed and ready for final hookup, fluid fill, and see ya later!

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