Porsche 996TT Kline Exhaust Install

Had this nice 996TT in the shop this week to install a christmas present for the owner. How cool is a wife that buys you an exhaust system for Christmas! They decided to go with a Kline exhaust, which I had honestly not heard before, but I’m usually up for anything on 996TT’s. Exhaust is always such a subjective modification, everyone has their own tastes in regards to sound. The biggest issue you face is drone at highway speeds, which this exhaust is not suppose to have.

I must be getting old, in the past I would have never pulled a 996TT bumper to remove the damn exhaust, but I wasn’t sure how this new exhaust would line up, so I went ahead and did it quick.

Build quality looks high.

And the old exhaust off the car. They weight a metric ton. True story.

And the new cats installed and ready for the muffler section.

I think the angle of the o2 sensors could have been placed better on the rear sensors and they are right against the heat shielding. barely touching, but might make 02 sensor removal difficult in the future.

And mufflers hung on the cats.

These exhaust gaskets are used on pretty much all the cheaper exhausts. They do seem to provide good sealing, but the fitment is always the slightest bit off for bolt holes, etc. Either way they worked in this application. The kit did come with new bolts and nuts, though the nuts were just basic hex head nuts. On exhaust parts, you need to use copper exhaust nuts, and they are more expensive, so I replaced them with cover nuts, also using a smaller 12mm head vs a 13mm head as there is very little space the way they have the flanges welded on. Simple things to make the install easier.

And the support straps in place. Again, too long of bolts for the application, but they do work. I forgot to take a picture with the bumper on, but I will say that the exhaust tip fitment to the bumper openings was one of the best I have seen on aftermarket systems. No fighting, just put the tips where you want them and tighten them down. Done. On initial startup, the idle was pretty tame, so I was a little worried it wouldn’t be much improvement over stock, but when the customer pulled way and got on it, it sounded great!

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January 13, 2015 at 1:47 AM

I also install this exhaust last spring and I’m amazed of the sound at WOT!!!! It is really an exotic sound… It is Kline instead of Klein….

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