Porsche 996 Repair Rennsport Kansas City

Oh boy oh boy. Last time I saw this car was at Imagine Auto, we did a few things to it, most of which I can’t remember anymore. It was a beautiful car at the time. I think it was parked shortly there after under a tree and forgot about as life goes on. Buttttttttttt. Time to get it back on the road again! The owner tracked me down, towed the car here, and we are getting to work.

Over the years, the tree droppings clogged the water drain ports, the battery tray area was filled with water, which then leaked into the brake booster causing it to go bad. The clutch has 80k+ miles on it and is in need of replacement, so we are going to do something fun there, lightweight flywheel, stronger clutch, IMS Bearing upgrade etc.

I couldn’t let it in the building in it’s current state, lol. So it needed at least a little bath. In this case the pictures look better than the actual thing.

Ughhhh. Now I think I remember what I installed on the car 😉

Intakes full of leaves on the aerokit.

All gonna be clean when we are done with it.

The owner started the brake booster replacement, then got too busy to finish, so that’s where we step in. Stay tuned!

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