Porsche 968 Door Handle Repair and A/C Service Rennsport Kansas City

Aaron dropped off his 968 the other day so we could repair the outer door handle on the driver side. Couple things can fail in these door handles, but in this case, it was the trigger.

Trigger not happy.

Normally I work through the small opening in the door after pulling out the handle. To do so though typically requires you to work the trigger of the handle while pulling out of the door. Unfortunately, with a broken trigger, that wasn’t possible. So I had to go the long way of pulling the door panel, window, and window channel out of the door.

Looking at the inside of the door handle.

A better picture. After getting the handle out and confirming the part needed, I ordered it up, so we can button this project up later this week.

Then it was off to repair the Air conditioning system. Not sure why all these people don’t like the heat we are having. Since the system was completely no holding freon, I dropped the compressor out to replace all the seals.

This used compressor was put in a few years ago, but none of the plate seals were replaced before doing so. Not sure why not, this is a must when putting a compressor in, and very easy with it out of the car.
As you can see, the upper left o-ring on the plate is completely destroyed as is the upper right. An extra 5 bucks and 5 minutes would have saved a lot of headache for this 968. Seals were replaced at the drier as well since they are very easy to get to.

And charging the system after vaccing the system down for about 20 minutes to verify it would hold pressure, then another 30 minutes to clear the system.

And the guts of the door handle. Lots of little parts of keep track of.

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Mike Luke

January 24, 2013 at 3:51 AM

Where did you get the replacement trigger? I have the same problem with my 968 and I am having trouble finding a new trigger – none in stock in either the UK or Germany…. Thanks


    January 25, 2013 at 10:12 AM

    Hey Mike,

    Ordered from Porsche.

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