Porsche 964 C4 Clutch Replacement

Have this 964 C4 in the shop right now for a clutch change. Well, it started out as a clutch replacement, and when I saw how much oil it was dripping, it turned into a lot of oil seal replacement as well!

She’s a hefty girl!

After breaking down the tins and such, I was able to get to the front crank seal and IMS seal to get them replaced. Yuck.

She had to take a bath first before I could even touch anything.

You couldn’t hardly see the plenum clamps due to all the oil that had leaked and been thrown around everywhere.

A little better.

Bob, our ultrasonic parts washer made short work of valve covers, breather plates, PS pump housings, bolts, engine covers and more.

Some of the stuff is a one time use deal, but it is easier to pick through the pile when everything isn’t covered in muck and oil.

I’m not sure why the little things like new unbroken spark plug retainers for the valve covers make me happy.

And of course I didn’t take any pictures of the clutch while I was doing it, but nothing we haven’t seen there before. She was down to the rivets!

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