Porsche 944 LSx Progress Continues Rennsport Kansas City

Finally made some progress on the Dragon. Well, I didn’t really make progress other than towing it here and there, but progress was made!

Over the past few months we have been sanding and taping and peeling and painting, only to change course completely and go a different route.

Rollbar and dash were painted, and I wanted a lighter interior.

Not digging the red seats, so I have gone a different route there as well, lol.

Got the hood pins installed as well.

And a bunch of seals pulled, along with the body panels, only to be loosely refit.

A few weeks ago I called up my buddy Travis at TCConcepts www.tcconceptsllc.com and we got rolling on the paint job. He took a turd and did an incredible job with it. Not sure if I want to beat it up on the track now! I decided to ditch the lighter interior, and sprayed the entire car orange. The factory reproduction jagermeister vinyl is ready to go on, but we will wait awhile for the paint to fully cure. Travis took every body panel off the car, fixed all my body work, and then prepped and painted. Still can’t believe how well it came out!

Val laying claim to the Dragon.

Over the last few months I have been messing around with the engine, not really sure what I posted last. Engine harness from SSP wiring came in and I got that installed. Did the LS6 PVC valley cover update as well, which required no modifications on the L33 engine.

I installed the flywheel and pilot bearing with adapter, only to run into a little snag with the clutch disc. The center hub is hitting on the adapter, but some simple machining will take care of that. Somehow one slipped through the cracks from TPC.

Once I get this machined down, then I can button up the clutch and start putting it in the car.

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August 16, 2012 at 8:29 AM

Finally, something to read with my morning coffee!

Looks good.

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