Porsche 930 Upgrades Rennsport Kansas City Part 17

Or something like that. Remember this project? No, it didn’t just finish itself and walk away 🙂 We’ve been so slammed that this one got put on the back burner for a week or two while we dug through some other projects. Actually with 2 blown motors at the shop and two transmissions needing rebuilds, dead cars were buried under this car on the lift so I couldn’t get to it easily, lol. It was also a good time to get a factory updated turbo mount bracket ordered from Porsche.

When you install a larger turbo on the 930, you have to modify the turbo mounting bracket that is attached to the engine to allow for the larger turbo. It is cutting and slicing and welding and fitting, and a lot of time is wasted making it work. I wasn’t happy with the look of the modified bracket after I got done with it, so I pitched it. The 965 however, already had this updated bracket that would work with the larger turbo, and now if you order any turbo bracket from Porsche, you will receive the 965 bracket. I decided to go this route for a more factory look. The downside, is they are only in Germany, so it takes 2 weeks to get.

The turbo/muffler starting to go into place.

Getting closer. Lots of fitting. And then some more fitting, and after that even more fitting.

The intercooler was a different story. I don’t know how well this cooler flows as I haven’t seen Rarlyl8’s numbers, but the fitment was excellent, no modifications to the decklid or anything. The factory intercooler starts to heat soak at about 90 degrees, then the efficiency goes downhill quickly, so that had to go. This will come off and on as we go through the adjustable wur/airbox etc, but my goal is to get the car running with the exhaust mods before trying to change another variable.

With the heat exchangers, we were told to install the early turbo oil lines. These have me stumped. It has been a long time since I have seen an early car with these lines, but no matter how I position the lines, I end up with a kink (along with them just not mating up correctly). My solution I think is going to be a custom line. Right now I am at the stage of fitting, removing, fitting, adjusting, etc on this project which has killed my progress and drive.

How the oil lines will go to the thermostat. This end isn’t the problem. It’s the other end that hits either the body of the car, or the other oil line. I’ll get it figured out. 3 track events this month, so once we can come up for air, things are always a little more clear.

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