Porsche 930 Upgrades Continue Part 4….ish

I lost track.

Today I tackled a few things while waiting on uhhhh the correct parts from a few suppliers who will remain nameless. When we put the Forgeline wheels on, the factory spacers come off, but then we are left with really long studs in the rear. For a race car this is good, because we can swap wheels back and forth along with spacers and not have to worry about stud length. But on a street car, aesthetics play a roll.

Off come the wheels, brake calipers and rotors. Initially i figured due to the stud length that I would have to remove the hub to get the clearance to back out the studs, but I tried pulling the parking brake first, and when rotated in just the right position, the long studs cleared and came out.

And they are replaced with shorter baby studs. So cute.

And back together with the proper lug nuts.

Then I figured I would pull the rest of the smog pump equipment out. It is a tight fit, but eventually it comes out.

Once out, I noticed a hint of an oil leak. Pretty typical for the breather plates and thermostat gaskets to leak on these engines after 25 years.

You can just see the corner of the breather plate stuck back there, and the thermostat is next to it out of view.

The breather plate out of the car finally. A new gasket, and it was reinstalled.

And the oil thermostat housing. A new o ring, and it was reinstalled.

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Jeremy D

May 22, 2012 at 12:13 AM

Those wheels are sick!

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