Porsche 930 Clutch Replacement

Had this little 930 come through the shop last week as the throw out bearing was making a horrible racket. After further investigation, I found the clutch cable was too tight, which likely caused early failure of the bearing.

The car also would not go into reverse, which is pretty commonly caused by blown bearings in the shift coupler. As you can see here, they are pretty much non existent.

And out of the car.

Knocking out what was left of the bushings and putting in new ones!

Much better. No more slop side to side.

And the motor/trans out of the car to replace the clutch.

Throw out bearing was totally seized up. Oh well. Time for a new clutch 🙂

A little oil in there, so a new RMS was installed.

And a new shift shaft seal since there was tranny fluid in the tunnel.

Flywheel resurfaced and installed. This will provide a new surface for the clutch disc to bed into.

And new clutch installed. While the old clutch disc wasn’t horrible, you want to replace it all while in there.

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