Porsche 912e Race Project 7

We received more body panels in the other day, so I have been making some slow progress in between other projects. I got the rear panel installed the other day, taking place of the old rear seat bucket area. We had to cut this area out for the camber boxes, and still need access to the camber adjustments, so that is what the small doors are in the panel.

How it looks from underneath.

Trying to figure out how wide this puppy is going to be 🙂 Rear RSR quarters. Once they are somewhat fit in place, the metal rear quarters will be cut off the car and discarded.

Front RSR fenders.

Also started fitting the fiberglass dash cover. A little trimming to do, but the rough fit is at least getting there.

Rear quarter trimmed and getting lined up. Once the metal quarters are cut off, these will be glassed in from the back side and molded in for a smooth finish.

Test fitting the rear wing and installing the uprights.

And the front of the car. Fitting fiberglass panels is a lot of fitting, clamping, drilling, cutting, and repeating over and over again until stuff starts to fit well. The bad thing about fiberglass panels is that they never are a direct fit, while they may resemble a fender, it takes a lot of work to make them fit right. All to be expected though. At this point the fenders are bolted in place and are molding themselves in shape, I still need to tweak the hood a bit but it is close. The front bumper here isn’t lined up yet as there was still a lot of trimming to do in the center.

And a rough look at what the rear will look like with the wing bolted down and light assemblies sitting in place.

For those that want to know how wide we are going. We measured a stock 911 SC rear fender, from the inside of the well to the outside of the fender at it measured at 12 inches. Our fenders measure at 17″, that’s a net gain of 10″ in width over an SC.

And the front bumper lined up a bit better. A little work on the hood, and the front of the car is ready to be screwed together. Lots of fiberglass dust. It’s in my hair….and my nose.

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