Porsche 912e Race Project 6

This one has been on the back burner while we have been acquiring parts through various avenues. As the 911 aircooled market has risen in value, so have the parts and they are becoming scarce for these types of projects!

The first round of fiberglass body panels and lexan showed up the other day, but really missing a few key components before the body really starts to come together. Here is the rear decklid fitment in progress. We will run a large wing above this base.

And the front hood went on without too much hassle.

This puppy is gonna be wide! Without the front fenders, I can’t install any of the front pieces, but couldn’t resist a mock up shot. The rest of our body panels should be here next week, so hopefully this will start to look like a car again soon.

Flush mount rear lexan install. This will be a nice clean way to fit all the lexan windows.

And the front and sides get the same treatment.

Test fitting the front window.

Rear lexan installed. The downside of doing these conversions is you get to install and uninstall a lot of body panels over and over again throughout the process!

And the side window frames installed.

Side lexan installed.

Front window installed

And the rear 911R tail light assemblies mocked up for now.

Dual master cylinder setup installed. This is a little tricky since the cars that had power brakes using this mount had a lot of reinforcement to the pan, as well as the bulkhead being different for the brake push rod, so it took some work to get it where it needed to be. On the street you might get away with little reinforcement as you aren’t pounding the brake pedal over and over, but for a race car, you are standing on that pedal hard, and when you push the brake, the rod wants to push the dual master setup upwards.

So the underside is reinforced and triangulated with the bulkhead to keep the pan from flexing. I will then close off the bulkhead forming a bulge in the bulkhead for the push rod have room to travel forward. You can actually see the sway bar in this picture in the front trunk from the hole you have to cut in the bulkhead for clearance. Lot of cleaning up to do here, but it gives you the general idea of what you have to do to install a system like this (or power brakes) in an early car.

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