Porsche 912e Race Project 4

Been tinkering when I can on this project. Still lots of welding, grinding, etc going on with various parts of the car.

Got the control arms stripped and the new mounts for the through body sway bar welded on.

And silky smooth.

Almost all of the suspension stuff you will see is Elephant Racing Products, and on the front arms we are using their spherical mounts. Here are the inner races epoxied to the front arms, along with the offset ball joints for increased negative camber.

And the mounts mounted, but not by a Mountie (I’m not Canadian eh).

And installed on the car. I am using extra spacers in the front mount between the body and the mount ala 930 to help prevent with diving under hard braking.

And while the welder was out the other day, I peeled off the other rear sway bar mount and got that welded on. Checking to make sure the mounts are lined up with each other.

A little better picture of the mount than in my previous post.

And the 930 rear trailing arms ready to go on. New spherical bearings installed in the forward mounts.

Elephant racing 935 rear spring plates. They are adjustable to also help with anti squat in the rear. They will also make adjusting toe easier as we will adjust with the large nuts between the spring plate and the mount and not have to worry about the factory eccentric bolt any longer.

And the front body sway bar hole drilled, and reinforcement plate installed.

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