Porsche 912e Race Project 3

Had a steady week in the shop so have only been tinkering a bit between other cars, but still got some good work accomplished.

Yesterday Tetanus and I had a battle, a small hole in my ear and my head, but I think I won in the end, lol. I got in all my reinforcement plates in the morning, so I welded up the bulk of them. These plates are to reinforce the spring plate mounts which have a tendency to crack over the years. Ours are in really good shape, but good to reinforce while it is all apart.

Welded, primed and undercoated.

I also got the camber boxes in for the 930 control arms. Since our torsion bar is cut out in the middle, I had to modify one side of the camber boxes as they flare out too wide which would have stuck out over the end of our torsion bar into the transmission space. Nothing like cutting up really expensive camber boxes 🙂

Camber box modified and mocked up on the torsion bar.

I did get to use Thor and the Anvil to modify the boxes. Any day you get to beat on the anvil is a good day. That is 160lbs of combined weight there if you were wondering.

Making sure the boxes are square before final welding.

I talked in a previous post about the weak sway bar mounting brackets. Here is one of the upgraded brackets next to an OEM bracket. Much more sturdy.

Hard to see with the undercoating, but driver side bracket installed.

And of course shock tower reinforcements which you should do when upgrading to coilovers and not running torsion bars.

And I got the front holes closed up where the old master cylinder was mounted through the floorboard. Since we will be switching pedal setups, we didn’t need a hole in the body there. Removed and blasted the front crossmember, so that is ready to accept suspension components. I have the front control arm bushings removed and ready to blast and coat the control arms. Also received the 930 rear trailing arms yesterday and need to get a pile of parts to the bead blaster before reassembly.

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